Family Business Advisory

  • Roadmap for Family Business – An educational program developed to provide business families with a better understanding of fundamental and contemporary concepts
    • Balancing Family and Business
    • Navigating Ownership
    • Decision-Making Processes
    • Planning Ahead
    • Mapping Family Life Cycle to Business Life Cycle
    • Succession Planning and Transition
    • Managing Differences
  • Prioritization and identification of guidelines for family business
    • Identification of critical activities to be addressed in
    • Family
    • Business
    • Ownership
  • Identify Forum in which it needs to be addressed
    • Family Council
    • Family Business Board
  • Constituting a Family Council and Family Business Forum
    Facilitating Family Council and Family Business Board
    Facilitating the Implementation of guidelines
    Living the guidelines for perpetuity of family business
    • Facilitative process
    • Involves participation of all family members
    • Scripting the guidelines and living it
    • Doing periodic course correction as per need of the family business.

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