Design Thinking

What is the driving force behind design thinking?
The biggest driving force is the accelerated rate of change in business and society caused by advances in technology. As companies become more software-driven, and the rate of change increases, so does complexity.
Most companies are optimised to execute and solve a stated problem. Creativity is about finding the problem worth solving. An absence of a scalable creative framework encourages incremental innovation in lieu of disruptive innovation. As companies strive for disruptive innovation, they must find ways to inject and scale creativity across their organisations.
Design thinking is our best tool for sense-making, meaning making, simplifying processes, and improving customer experiences. Additionally, design thinking minimises risk, reduces costs, improves speed, and energises employees. Design thinking provides leaders with a framework for addressing complex human-centred challenges and making the best possible decisions concerning:
  • Redefining value
  • Re-inventing business models
  • Shifting markets and behaviours
  • Organisational culture change
  • Complex societal challenges such as health, education, food, water and climate change
  • Problems affecting diverse stakeholders and multiple systems
Design thinking succeeds when it finds ideal solutions based on the real needs of real people. When done well, human-centred design enhances the user experience at every touch point and fuels the creation of products and services that deeply resonate with customers.
Our Service:
Design Thinking workshop:
Intended Audience: This workshop is for
  • Professionals who want to innovate or find a better way to solve their problems / challenges.
  • organisation who want to develop Design Thinking as a capability in their leadership for innovation and creativity
  • Developing Critical problem solving skill using Design Thinking in their employees part of capability development.
By the end of the workshop, participants will be:
  • Understanding what is design thinking and its difference from conventional problem solving
  • Learning the design thinking process and various tools, techniques and templates used in design thinking
  • Apply the tools taught on to real life environment and situations
  • Change agent in their organisation for critical problem solving using Design thinking

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