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Design Thinking Workshop in Bangalore

This workshop will take the participants on a journey of design thinking, beginning with

  • What Is
  • What If
  • What Wows
  • and reaching the Desired Outcome of What Works.

This is an inspirational workshop that will take the participants on a journey of design thinking, beginning from a dream, a vision or organizational objectives through the innovation process, and ending with a desired outcome.

Putting on the “designer’s hat”, the participants will imagine a “beautiful day in the life of a future customer”.

Using the various Design Thinking tools, techniques and templates, participants can apply them into their real-life environment to make their innovations come true.

Design thinking can be applied to Products Innovation, Service Innovation and Process Innovation.

  • Intended Audience
    • This workshop is for all would be professionals / professionals who want to innovate or find a better way to solve their problems / challenges. It is also for academicians who want to innovate and make a difference
  • Workshop Objectives
    By the end of the workshop, participants will:
    • Understand what is design thinking
    • Understand the differences between design thinking and conventional problem solving
    • Learn the design thinking process
    • Learn the various tools, techniques and templates used in design thinking
    • Apply the tools taught onto real life environment and situations
    • Uncover customers’ UNMET needs, UNARTICULATED needs and UNDREAMT needs
    • Achieve innovation results.
  • Workshop Content
    Participants can look forward to learn the following techniques /tools:
    • Framing the problem
    • A day in the life of your customer
    • Value chain analysis
    • Divergent thinking
    • Ideas selection
    • Rapid prototyping
  • Duration of the Workshop: 2 Days Residential Program
  • Methodology: Experiential Learning
  • It will be a fun workshop where teams will compete on their ideas
  • Looking forward to making a difference for you to make a difference to others,

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