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"Developing a Performance Culture in your organisation"


The Intervention Approach
  • Purpose (what we do, why we do)
  • Values
    -what we stand for
    -manifested behaviours
  • Principles
    -guidelines for policies and decision making
  • A baseline assessment of current cultural strengths and weaknesses.
  • An understanding of current, culture relative to high performing organizations - A benchmark against which to target change efforts - relative to specific desired performance.
  • A clear prioritization of short, mid and long-term change efforts - relative to the results sought for each of these time frames.
  • An understanding of bottom-line related performance (profitability, sales/revenue growth, market share, quality, innovation and employee satisfaction) with direct links to cultural elements which may be supporting or hindering these performance areas.
  • The development of individual leaders who can support and sustain the desired benchmarked culture.
  • A shared understanding, a shared language, and shared expectations concerning culture and its implications for both individual and group results.
  • An understanding and utilization of culture as a business oriented, behavioral, tangible, and results-oriented mechanism as opposed to the intangible, cumbersome, and often difficult-to-implement notions of culture.
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How is this culture model different?
  • Is behaviorally based
  • Is designed and created within the business environment
  • Uses business language to explore business-level issues
  • Is linked to bottom-line business results
  • Is fast and easy to implement
  • Is applicable to all levels of the organization
This is a Consultative Approach where we co-create the solution by

  • Understanding the "As Is" & Defining the "To Be"
  • Identifying the GAP and OFI
  • Developing the Practises to develop the culture - Contextualization
  • Developing Capability for Culture Adoption
  • Defining critical success factors and measuring them.
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